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Leading the Way in Liquid Ice Control Solutions



Increase production and save money by putting together an effective Ice Control plan using the best products in the industry. We offer Innovative products that have been proven in the industry to reduce overall cost for any application. Our goal at Safe Surfaces is to educate our customers to make them as efficient as possible.


Anti-icing is a pro-active approach to winter road maintenance. It forms a bond-breaker between the pavement surface and the snow and ice layer which melts snow more quickly and reduces the chance that ice will form and bond to the surface. It reduces the amount of time required to restore the roads to a clear, dry state. Anti-icing has been proven to reduce the amount of salt and abrasives.


The PROMELT™ line of premium liquid de-icers offer superior magnesium chloride products delivering effective solutions for all of your winter road maintenance needs.  Using agricultural by products in conjuction with pure magnesium our products are safer for the enviroment and perform in extreme cold tempatures. 



Using the power of magnesium chloride, ProMelt™ liquids are used by leading salt companies to significantly improve the working temperature of salt and accelerate the brining process for faster melting.



ProMelt™ liquids are effective pre-wetting agents for salt and sand, reducing bounce and scatter and decrease the time needed for salt to begin melting. They can be used to pre-wet treated salt further enhancing melting performance.



Magic-0 can also be used as an enhancer to salt brines to reduce corrosion, lower freeze points and increase working time.